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Video Tutorials | "Bakasana, Baby!" | 6 yoga classes

Bakasana Baby Video Tutorials.png
Bakasana Baby Video Tutorials.png

Video Tutorials | "Bakasana, Baby!" | 6 yoga classes


A relaxed look at Bakasana, Crow Pose during a 6-week yoga course video tutorial.

The course of classes will begin in November 2017 in and around Hucknall, Nottingham. A weblink to the video tutorial will be emailed to you each week during the course running time, or all at once after the live course has finished. Access will require a Google account login.

You should be aware that a home yoga practice is best undertaken in support of regular attendance to my yoga class. Here, you can enjoy the professional guidance of a qualified yoga teacher who can ensure your practice is safe.

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You should be aware that a regular home self-practice should only support the guidance and tuition provided by a professional teacher, qualified to ensure the safest possible practice for you.

You are welcome to attend sessions on an ad-hoc basis and private yoga sessions are available. Please contact for details.