Feel relaxed, strong & empowered in your own body

There are so many reasons people come to yoga
as a beginner, returner, or existing practitioner.
Join me.

Hey, how are you?

I'm Lee-ann and I'm pleased you're here.

I am an experienced yoga teacher with hundreds of hours of teaching experience under my belt.

I want you to feel relaxed, empowered, strong and very welcome in this in-person and online community I have created.

The focus of my classes is to honour the body. It is my intention to facilitate complete relaxation and acceptance, promoting contentment and joy to improve your overall sense of emotional well-being.

Anyone can practice, and I believe that yoga is not just what happens on the mat.

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Women's Circle

6:30-7:30pm 13Apr23

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What I offer

Ease into yoga

As a beginner to yoga, you will find this gentle introduction has a well-rounded and broad approach to this wonderful lifestyle.

I offer elements of philosophy, breathing practice, physical yoga poses and a complete sequence that you can follow at your leisure.

As a regular practitioner, enjoy seeing your practice with a fresh perspective. Delivered completely online and with unlimited access, you can use the lessons and the accompanying workbook as often as you like.


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I look forward to practicing with you

I am humbled to be trusted by so many students. It is an honour I will never take lightly.



I have been having problems with my back and neck. I love attending yoga as it seems to be the only thing that really works fo me. 

You have to give it a go for a few times so can really get into it.  Be patient, there is no competition or judgement and everybody does what’s right for them.  I even got more into yoga since I started to attend Lee-ann’s classes and will be starting a yoga foundation course soon.  She is just a wonderful person who’s a great yoga teacher.  She guides you through the poses with so much passion and dedication.



What you do is healing and not only of the body. I would add mind and spirit to the equation. You are adding to people's lives and 'lifting them'. In alchemical terms, you are adding gold to their lives.



Since coming to Lee-ann's classes, I have noticed a definite change in back problems that have troubled me for years. My posture is improved, and my core strength better, so I am experiencing less pain. I love attending the classes, as it is a moment in my busy week where I don't need to think or plan, and I can just enjoy being me. I never feel under any pressure, and Lee-ann is brilliant at ensuring everyone finds the best option for them in each pose.

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