(Terms & Conditions apply, please read carefully before booking.)

Adult Yoga Classes

Levels 1 - 2

These classes will be a relaxing practice, and will have a gentle, restorative feel. I always offer variations of poses because every single body is unique and you must take the option that feels best in your body.

As a guide, these classes will be better suited for those who would like gentle movement or for beginners, new to yoga.

Levels 2 - 3

These classes will have more of an energetic feel, with the option to hold poses for longer, a slightly faster pace or with slightly more challenging poses. I would suggest that these classes are better suited to those who have been practicing yoga for a while and are comfortable with the classical sun salutation sequence.

Early Risers

These classes are designed with busy people in mind. Shorter in length at 45mins, these midweek classes will begin early in the morning and will have an uplifting vibe. In particular, these classes might be of interest to busy parents ahead of the school run or to the many teachers that work in the schools of Hucknall.

It is my aim to lead a vibrant practice that will leave you feeling awake, focussed and energised ready for a productive and happy day at work.

If you think you may be pregnant or if you have had a recent pregnancy, please do let me know and allow me to care for you in the way that is best for your body. You can be assured of my utmost discretion.

I am qualified and insured to lead practices that are safe for you during these times if I am made aware of your situation.

Private Yoga Classes

You can really deepen your practice with a personal yoga session with me. We can have a discussion beforehand about what you hope to achieve with a private lesson and i can tailor a sequence just for you. Dates, times and venues can be agreed to suit. 

One-to-One - £40 per hour

(lesson package available)

Video Tutorials

Be yoga fit at home. Some previous yoga courses have been recorded as yoga tutorials for a home practice are available to buy. It is intended that you use these videos alongside a regular yoga lesson with me. (You are able to contact me to arrange private tuition of these courses.)

Yoga for Core Strength

6 lessons focussing on progression, development and awareness of the muscles of the core.

Bakasana Baby - Preparing for CRow Pose

6 lessons to develop and strengthen the shoulders, core muscles and arms to progress to this beautiful arm balance.

All classes will be completed with a period of relaxation and / or short meditation. Allow me to assist you finding the position of best comfort in your body with or without props such as eye pillows, bolsters or blankets.

Minimum Age Restrictions for Yoga Classes

Responsible children over the age of 14 are welcome to join in my classes, I will need to have some communication with a parent or carer to ensure they are happy for you to come along. Alternatively, I offer group classes dedicated to groups aged between 12 and 16 (ish), please click here to find out more information.

(For all types of yoga, please complete a Health Declaration prior to your first practice)

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Corporate Yoga

Hardworking professionals can often be subject to the mental and physical effects of stress as a result of their dedication to their role. A regular yoga practise can aid relaxation, improve sleep quality and physical fitness. Invest in your employees by introducing techniques that they can incorporate into their own self-care regime, which can bring about a greater sense of calm and mental clarity.

More details here.