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New beginnings... Happy New Year!

personal teaching yoga Jan 01, 2016

I wouldn't say I'm one for New Year's resolutions or anything so formal, but I love Mondays because they're an opportunity to start a brand new week with plans of what will come. New Years Day is like that for me, multiplied by a dozen. Like most, everyday life has me busy but I love the chance to reflect on the year past and to think about the time coming. What have I achieved? What would I like to work towards?

2014 had me considering self development; I embarked on music lessons and committed to studying towards an Anatomy & Physiology qualification just for the heck of it. Who knew the human body was so fascinating? Really. Who knew??! I loved it and if you'll permit me a small mini fist pump, completed the course with a distinction. Making plans and having goals is a good thing to do, all the while remembering that there  are only so many hours in the day and we must live as well as striving for achievement. Don't beat yourself up! The music lesson plans became more relaxed; it's still a work in progress and I'm having so much fun along the way. I pat myself on the back with every little bit of development.

2015 saw the start of a 200-hour yoga teacher training course and wow, what a wonderful thing that has been. I hadn't been sure I wanted to teach, I just wanted to know more about this lovely exercise I've been doing for about fifteen years. I've met some truly beautiful souls and as an added bonus, been able to see myself with different eyes. Now rather than wanting to teach, I want to share this simple approach to living that seems to work so much better than how I was tackling it before.

Unrealistic targets can be demotivating but perhaps you can think of aspects of your own life you'd like to focus on? Is there anything you want to learn? Do you want to feel more relaxed or fitter? My first classes begin next week in Hucknall, Nottingham,  and I for one am saying "Hello 2016, I'm really pleased to meet you"! So many things await. I'm sure not all of them are going to be rainbow-coloured and covered in glitter because considering the niyama, tapas, some of life's best gems aren't always dressed that way. Nevertheless, life is an adventure to be embraced.