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alignment all you yoga newsletter nutrition updates Nov 03, 2016

I normally have a bit to say. A lot in fact. Probably too much for during my yoga sessions.


So. I have decided to start publishing a regular newsletter with these little musings just for fun. I'll also be including information about upcoming class dates and times, maybe a teensy bit of anatomy or nutrition (I'm by no means an expert - I just find it interesting) and a few alignment tips for a specific pose.


If you're subscribed, I really hope you enjoy reading them; I promise I'll try not to waffle too much in them. If you're interested to join in on the party, head on over to my home page and you can add your good self onto my mailing list. If you're really interested in and you may have missed, I can probably find a way of making that happen, too :-)


Love and light, people!