New Booking System!

I'm really excited to be introducing a new booking system to my website from 1st October '16 which will allow people greater flexibility when booking classes. I found that occasionally people were losing classes they had paid for due to illness, childcare or work issues and trying to find a fairer way of doing things was becoming a bit of an admin nightmare. And I'm not in it for the admin.

So, now you can buy a package of class credits which should be used within a time period but if you need to cancel a class, it can simply be rescheduled. Class credits can also be used across venues - if you should so wish, you're welcome to come to all three of my weekly classes from your class credit package. Ta-dah!

The new system allows holds promise for me to cut down on the amount of time I spend with admin so I can focus on my classes planning and helping to give you your best practice possible.

Another thing I'm quite keen for is to stop carrying cash around with me; it's not nice to be leaving a venue on my own knowing I have a bit of money on me, especially now the nights are drawing in and getting darker. So, packages can now only be booked online and if you should want to buy a single class, please ensure you have the correct change with you.

Anyone who knows me knows that I m not technically minded and so this is quite a feat for me to have organised and set all this jazz up. I am expecting to have teething troubles and there are some 'tweaks' still to come BUT super proud of myself, nonetheless. Now I can concentrate on shaking my asana and getting my Om on.