How about we take life a little less seriously?


New life

This scrumptious bundle of gummy smiles and dribbly raspberries was one of two beautiful little souls that arrived safely during the summer of 2017 into my family’s life. Both so precious and already so unique and individual. Both make my heart go gaga and have me talking in silly voices and pulling faces.

When I saw this photograph it made me laugh first and then think 'oh my gosh, my face looks awful!', but why would my ego shout up so loudly to try to drown out such a lovely moment that my nephew and I shared?

Because I'm human and that's what we do.


So often, Ego has far too much to say about everything, preferring to offer criticism and put-downs rather than internal dialogue messages of encouragement. Too many times we can err on the side of caution, fearing that Ego is right and everyone will think we're stupid if we try something and fail.

That we will be judged.

Our internal judgement is created by all of the experiences that we have ever had and how they have made us feel. Ego will always try to keep itself safe by believing it knows best and it can even show up on your yoga mat yelling "Stretch further! You can reach further than the other person can!", "What is UP with you today?? Why can't you twist as far as you did last week?", "We should just roll up the mat and go home, this practise is getting us nowhere".

Does your ego sometimes do that?

Of course it does, you're human too. But what if, WHAT IF, we change the messages that we give to ourselves? What if we acknowledge the message that Ego is giving us, think about it logically and weigh up all the aspects before coming to a decision? Our heart or our gut feeling has a big part to play in our decisions, too. If you have a nagging feeling about a decision that something isn't right, listen to it. If you have a little spark of excitement about something and you just know it's the right thing, then it probably is. We can cultivate a friendship between Ego and Intuition by acknowledging both our thoughts and feelings and using them to settle on what is the best course of action for us.

Positive affirmations

One way of doing this is with the use of positive affirmations; repeating a short positive statement and this works especially well when you are relaxed. Before you go to sleep, try repeating to yourself "I am happy" or "I live my life to the full" or "I am grateful". Time your words with some yummy scrummy deep breaths. The words we use in our internal dialogue can sometimes become the words we use with others and wouldn't we much rather use words of love and encouragement?

As I'm writing this blog post, I keep looking at the photograph and the memory of the moment makes me feel warm and happy, so I'm blowing a raspberry to my Ego and throwing it out there with love. This beautiful lil' guy thought I was hilarious (I am) whilst making silly noises and playing peekaboo, and because the joy his little laugh gives to anyone who hears it, I will continue to endeavour to take life a little bit less seriously.

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