A third evening class, you say? Well, alrighty then!


I'm super excited to have been in discussions with the lovely Simone of Believe Academy in Hucknall the outcome of which is that I will be hosting a third night time class on a Tuesday evening in her beautiful dance studio! eeeeeee, excitings!!

Believe Academy are a prominent and respected dance school in Hucknall (opposite the Byron Cinema, teaching all the moves like Jagger to children and adults alike. They have a great ethic -  they practice hard with their routines and they have a really good time together! Their performances are kind of a big deal. If you get the chance, go along to watch one of their annual shows.

Booking is open for my new Tuesday evening classes (8:30-9:30pm) and spaces will be limited so reserve your mat space before 29th October. Drop me a line if you would like more information, check out my Facebook page or subscribe to my newsletter - let's make friends!!