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I wonder how many read and, dare I say, enjoy my blog posts and newsletters? I love to talk yogic philosophy and how we can live more wholesome lives, with well-nourished bodies, at peace with other beings and our environment. But I should probably 'fess up that I'm probably not your typical yogini.

For a start, have you ever noticed I use the word yogini rather than the masculine yogi? I am totally passionate of gender equality and the magic of people feeling empowered. This is only a recent lesson that I've learned. I mean, I always thought I was supportive of this but it's only in recent years that I've learned just how fabulous it is to be a woman and how I used to step aside to allow successes of male friends and family, somehow thinking to a degree that my own sparkle was less. Cringingly and shamefully, I was probably one of those ones who might have looked at successful females with envy thinking 'good for them, although I'm not capable of that'. What the fudge?? Why would I be so disparaging of myself by devaluing my worth? Or even worse, bad-thinking or being mean of said women who inspired my feelings of jealousy. Silly, silly Younger Self. Sincerely Ladies, I'm so sorry.

Thankfully, I don't feel like that any more because I have met so many incredible women who have taught me that everyone has their own story. Who am I to think badly of other people's lives? Every soul makes decisions based on their experiences and what serves them best in that moment. The tag line recently promoted on a recent line of Sweaty Betty clothing "empowered women empower women" said it all for me. So much so that I bought the t-shirt even though I didnt particularly love the way it looked on me. I just read it and thought "YES!!".

So there we go, another thing that makes me your non-typical yogini. I'm afraid it's not very often you'll find me wearing organic, hemp material clothing. #sorrynotsorry . I have fondness of good quality, stylish clothes and stuff. (I no longer follow fashion. Another lesson of my years is that not all fashionable clothing looks good!)

I have been one half of a very, very hardworking wife-husband (see what I did there?) team. Honestly, we worked our arses off and built a very successful business together. We went from ok to scraping-the-barrel, super-duper skint and back again. Believe me when I say, I know the value of money. It was a hard school to attend and I'm grateful of where we are and the comforts the hardness afforded for us and our family now.

The company I've kept over the years has occasionally been questionable. Some people have caused me terrible pain. I know now I was wrong to think at the time it was unbearable. I like to think that I have learned from these lessons as well. I didn't always respond to things with dignity, but I do now and I high-five myself in those times. Small wins.

I have studied with some amazing teachers, even though I didn't realise they were teachers at the time. Grandmothers, colleagues, friends, mothers of friends, horrible situations and even my inner self, who to be honest, can sometimes be a bitch to me but we're getting along so much better these days. I have been known to study diligently at a yoga workshop then get changed into hot pants and ridiculously high-heeled shoes to go out dancing in the city. To attend events and show up on my mat feeling delicate after being awake until far too late an hour drinking far too many cocktails. I've been known to eat vast quantities of absolute, complete and utter junk occasionally. I have had a lifelong friendship with the pick 'n' mix aisle. Sorry, but my life is not all green juicing, organic and wholegrain. For the most part it is, but you know, just for honesty's purpose.

Those who see my Instagram or Facebook posts might have noticed that I sometimes take part in 'yoga challenges', posting a picture of a different yoga pose every day for a month, but of course, that's not the real yoga, it's just fun. Those people might also have noticed I post pictures of nights out at nightclubs or times partying in Ibiza with reckless abandon. That phrase 'reckless abandon' is one of my favourites - it's a lyric from a song that stays with me. Days and nights in Ibiza carry just that for me, as does running early in the mornings in Nottingham. I love the sensation of feeling so free and uninhibited.

So with that in mind, I'm telling you that I know I'm not perfect; I'm not totally calm and zen all the time (have we ever met during the school run??), nor do I live the epitome of a clean lifestyle.

But I do 'ish'.

I hope I never profess to being the perfect yogini because I'm not. I am me and that is just fine and dandy. What matters to me is to be authentic and true to myself, work hard and enjoy my life. If I can share any of this with people I meet then I am so happy to do so. 

So, life lessons according to lil' old me; Don't compromise who you are. If you can't be kind with someone or something (hey, we're not meant to get along with each other all of the time), consider if you are right to maintain the friendship or if you should maybe say 'thank  you' and move along. We're only here for a short time and the world is a better place for your being here. Enjoy your opinions, your likes and dislikes, passions and peeves being mindful in case your pleasures encroach on somebody else's. Be free and be happy. Ish.

If you do happen to enjoy reading my blog posts, I'd love for you to let me know that I'm not just writing to a worldwide web-void, please like, comment or share this if you think someone else might enjoy. Or just say hi. Sincerely, love & light to you.

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