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Self-development as a yoga teacher: Am I doing ok?

feedback hatha yoga learning positivity reflection yoga yoga nottingham Feb 08, 2018


If you come along to my yoga classes, if you read my blog, Facebook or newsletters or if you know me AT ALL, you'll have an idea that I love to learn. I'm of the opinion that of the 7.5 billion people (cheers Google!) on this beautiful planet, there's not one person who knows everything. I love that!! That means there is always something new to find out just by interacting with another human being.

I am humbled that lots of wonderful, beautiful, superhuman beings choose, week after week, to spend their time, energy and pennies to come to learn from me about this wonderful yoga. I'm not declaring to be the font of all knowledge about this yoga stuff at all, but I spend a lot of time reading, practising, sponging up information wherever I can - primarily because I love it - but if I can share it in an exchange of energy with you folks, then I am so happy for it.

I like things to be just so and I am especially proud of the effort I put in for my classes to feel good. This got me pondering. Of course, I know how I feel about my yoga lessons (if you're interested, I return home absolutely buzzing after nearly all of my classes, often, I'm also knackered and ready for a cup of tea, but with a happy heart, nonetheless) but do I really know what you think?

So I asked you.

I asked you to use three words to describe my yoga classes. It was a teeny experiment to see if you felt how I did. I was overwhelmed by the similarity in words that were used; relaxing, inspiring, fun, welcoming. Just yummy, scrumptious words that told me I am giving you what I am setting out to give you.

I'm guessing that if you're reading this, you might go to a yoga class - heck, you may even come along to my yoga classes - or you might go to another individual who teaches you something. I'm betting the person who is leading that lesson is passionate about what they do and I'm sure they would appreciate your opinion or feedback - even if it doesn't marry up with what they expect to hear. Can you think of three words to describe how you feel after your activity? Reflection can be so good for us, it helps us to see if we're actually getting what we want because we only have one life and it sure as heck isn't a dress rehearsal.

Sending you love & light, dear reader, until next time.

Lee-ann x

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