It's all about Balance - NEW Yoga Course

Image credit -  Toni Cuenca

Image credit - Toni Cuenca

I just can't get over how cute this image is! It makes me laugh out loud! #sorrynotsorry.

I had this yoga course planned for ages, and then browsing a couple of months ago, this little guy popped up on my screen and I thought, 'that's it! That's the perfect image to use for my course!!'

Yogini's, yogis & fun-loving folk of Nottingham, I present you with "It's all about Balance" and I'm taking bookings NOW!

Each of my group sessions is taken very seriously, with all who come along eager to find a space of calm on their mat. However... we do it without taking it too seriously; life is fun, after all. During the coming weeks, we'll explore physical balances with asana practise, elements of mantra (chanting), relaxation techniques and pranayama (breathing exercises). I know from talking to my regular lovelies that taking this time out of their hectic schedule really does bring them a sense of what's important in other areas of their life, allowing them to view life’s normal challenges from a different perspective or with fresh eyes. So many report that they sleep better at night, they're better able to zone out and quiet their minds, even some have reported feeling fitter and having lost weight after a few weeks of coming to my classes! That wasn't an intention of mine (no mouths were gaffer-taped, I promise), but hey, if you're happy, I'm happy!

If you've come along to my yoga classes, you'll know that some of the classes do get quite busy and sadly, some have missed out on spaces before, so now is the time to head over to my 'Classes & Booking' page to reserve your mat space because I can only squeeze in so many. Venues for hire are in short supply during peak times so unfortunately, I have to limit places. Booking is on a first come, first served basis. If you haven't been to my classes before, you're very welcome! Even if you haven't practised yoga before or don't consider yourself to be fit / flexible / young enough / the right body shape* (delete as appropriate, all are welcome). Get in touch if you have any questions, I'm happy to help out.