I love to play with my yoga

Lego dude.JPG

Sometimes I like the colour purple. Sometimes I like the colour pink. Sometimes I like the colour blue. But I always love the colour green. The kind of green of this lil' Lego dude's balloon dog. It's so vibrant and happy and I find it cheers me up.

What's your favourite colour? Do you have a different favourite colour depending on how you feel on that day? Me too.

And it's like that with my mat time. Sometimes I play funky music, sometimes I play classical music, sometimes I listen to mantra, sometimes silence. Sometimes my yoga practice is full of strength, sometimes just it's gentle, sometimes it just... flows, you know?

This is how I play with my yoga. Often, I arrive on my mat and what comes out kind of surprises me and isn't the kind of practice I was expecting at all. Stuff comes up, I notice different things.

Because I'm a bit of a nerdy "I love learning" kind of a gal, I am lucky enough to to have undertaken some different teacher trainings and CPD courses which means I have a toolbox of really cool stuff that I can bring to my mat. In my mind, my anatomy & physiology training brings me strength, my Hatha and Vinyasa studies bring me flow, my pregnancy trainings bring me a kinder, more maternal perspective to my movements, my children's trainings bring the imagination. Actually, teaching the children actually teaches me and brings colour to both my own movements and to the movements that I instruct. As a whole, I gain from everything with the philosophical aspect.

I love that it can be so different and I want you to see that on your own mat because it's so liberating!

And on that...

I am super-duper excited to bring some different kind of yoga classes to my yoginis and yogis of Hucknall and Bestwood Village in July. I'm excited because I've wanted to offer these kind of classes for a while.

If you're nearby to Nottingham, I'd love for you to come along and try a class that might be just outside your comfort zone. Having a contrasting experience could help you enjoy your current practice even more.

Sending love from Notts,

Lee-ann x

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