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"How yoga is helping me with my back injury"

Attending a yoga class can be a daunting affair for someone who believes they are not the right kind of body shape for it or for someone who might be nervous or anxious in social situations. Yoga is the perfect place to explore who you really are inside. Please read the following guest blog from one of my very lovely students who recounts with the eyes of a beginner.

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I love to share fascinating anatomy lessons with you

Perhaps you’re thinking of embarking on a yoga teacher training (YTT) course or you have questions about the Continuous Professional Development if you are a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). Read on to find out about my recent Anatomy & Physiology Applied to Yoga CPD course with Dr Yogi at Central Wellness in Lincoln

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Dealing with December pickles (and not the variety that goes nicely with cheese...)

I hope preparations for the festive season are going well for you.

It’s easy to get tangled up in a frenzy of buying, wrapping and visiting and sometimes it's too easy to find ourselves in a bit of pickle but being in a state of stress can actually be damaging for our bodies. It's really important to look after yourself. There are some really simple things that you can do to be a bit kinder to yourself if you should happen to feel a bit frazzled. Self-care is not self-ish and having a little bit of science behind that understanding may help alleviate any feelings of guilt about sitting down for that cup of tea with your favourite book.

Confession: I am an anatomy geek. Did I mention that? Proof of that is coming.

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