The All You Yoga Fancy Pants Yoga Challenge

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If you're like me, after the festive period of too much food, drink and sitting around, you'll be ready for re-energising your body and connecting back into what is important with a bit of fun. And if I throw in the opportunity to win a rather fancy pair of yoga pants from Sweaty Betty, for the yogini's or from Ohmme for the yogi's....interested?

For those that follow my Facebook or Instagram profiles, you may have noticed that I often take part in yoga challenges and to celebrate the beginning of the New Year with it's brand new good intentions and the second anniversary of my yoga classes in Hucknall and Bestwood Village, I'm starting my own lil' yoga challenge - I'd love for you to take part!

Every day for 27 days, I will be practising four rounds of sun salutations, the same classical surya namaksara that I teach regularly in my classes. (In total the challenge will add up to 108, which is a sacred number in the history of yoga for many reasons.)

I will document my practises with videos, pictures or stories which I will add to my social media profiles. And you can join in with me!


How to play

If you are playing on Instagram, follow me, Sweaty Betty and Ohmme. If you are playing with a Facebook account, like and follow my page and comment on the wall that you want to join in the fun. Subscribe to my newsletter to keep up to date with class schedules and yoga fun stuff.

From here, it's simple; roll your mat out each day from 4th January and practise 4 sun salutations (one round includes both left and right side leading). You can take them at whatever pace feels right, in silence, with your favourite music, with a friend, in your office - whatever takes your fancy. I will provide a short video detailing the sequence of poses.

Document your daily practice, tagging Instagram and Facebook posts with #AYYFancyPants so I can keep a track of who is playing. (If you don't want to post photographs of yourself everyday, simply check in with some reflective words of how you got on. Practice and post every day for 27 days and you will go into a draw to win a pair of very fancy pants from Sweaty Betty or Ohmme.

The winner will be announced on 5th February. I hope you'll play along with me - feel free to share this bit of yoga funsies with your friends; the more the merrier!

PS - it's lot harder than it looks to make the shape of the number 'two' with your body...