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Step aside Broccoli and make way for Cool Dude Cauliflower

cauliflower newsletter nutrition wellness Jan 25, 2017

Poor Cauliflower can lose the limelight to his green cousin broccoli, but let's take a minute to give him his own round of applause for being quite awesome in the nutritional stakes. Do you know that in just one serving of this lil’ fella (approx 125g) you’ll find more than 70% of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C?? Rock on, Cauliflower!! To add to this guys amazingness, he’ll also provide you with a good boost to your blood pressure, kidney function and brain health. Someone, please hand this veg a superhero cape! (source Health Impact News, last accessed 10Jan17)

So, how can we involve this Super Veg in our diet? Do you know you can make ‘cous cous’ or 'rice' with it? Yes, really. All it takes is to put the raw florets into a food processor and blitz them or grate them. If you’re pushed for time, some supermarkets sell it ready-prepared.

I recently hid cauliflower in my family meal (sshh, my son's a bit fussy and I’m sneaky), using Davina McCall’s recipe for Chicken Crumble and it was delicious. Yums! (If you’re interested, the recipe was from Davina McCall''s Smart Carbs recipe book, I’m sure the library will have a copy.) Otherwise, BBC Good Food has preparation suggestions. Let me know how you get along!