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A prize? For me??

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So, this. (28Feb18)

So, this. (28Feb18)

This was quite exciting last week. I received an email (28Feb18) to say my blog, the one you're reading right now, was ranked within the Top 100 yoga blogs in the UK. Whaaat?! Some of the blogs on the list are ones that I follow and love reading myself so to be included was ace!

My prize was to be able to display this super shine-y badge on my blog page.

I'm in awe of this wonderful world of yoga and love that I can learn and grow from it everyday. I adore that I have this great job where I can share it with people who choose to spend their time, energy and hard-earned pennies to come along to my classes AND that I have this amazing media of being able to share my two-pennies worth on how to apply ancient yogic philosophy into modern life. I have always enjoyed writing - indeed, sometimes I get my point across far more efficiently if I write things down, especially if I'm feeling emotional or if something is really important to me.

Thank you so much if you take the time to read my posts, I really appreciate your taking the time. I'd love to hear from you about any of the posts I've shared here. Please feel free to comment below or even if you want to share it with someone else whom you think might take something from it.

Sincerely, love & light to you.

Lee-ann x

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