"How yoga is helping me with my back injury"

I love to write about this lovely yoga stuff and I really enjoy talking and entering into dialogue with other people - I love to hear other people’s opinions.

My question was

What has yoga done for me?

I’ve had such a lovely response from lots of people who both come along to my classes and who take the time to read my written offerings.

Allow me to introduce the offerings of Sally, a highly-respected musician, therapist and educator with the sunshiney-iest of smiles.

Sally joined my yoga classes in July 2017, albeit a bit tentatively - she didn’t know what to expect but as a testament to this lady’s beautiful nature, she wanted to give it a go after she’d heard about my classes through a friend.

Under the guidance of a qualified instructor, yoga poses can aid physical discomforts, improve relaxation and self imag

I was recommended to All You Yoga by a trusted friend who knew I was thinking about going to a class.

I was nervous prior to the first session, being

a) totally new to yoga

b) overweight and very self conscious about my body and

c) not really knowing what to expect.

However, I really needn't have worried at all.

Lee-Ann explains everything clearly, invites questions and is careful to take time to speak to individuals as well as the group.


There are people of all shapes, sizes, ages, fitness level and experience in my classes

and I have met some lovely folk. One of the ladies I met now brings her children to the Torkard Academy, a music-making project for young people that I help to run.

Yoga has helped me be kinder to myself and build time for reflection into my busy life. My core is stronger and therefore I have less problems with an old back injury. I feel healthier and more self-aware and as a result feel I can tackle weight loss.

I’ve been attending yoga for 15 months now and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.
— Sally, Hucknall

Week after week and by hook or by crook, Sally always

shows up to her yoga mat

with a determination and focus that’s admirable. I will always remember the sheer joy she shone from her face when she came into a yoga pose that she had assumed was unavailable for her, she let go of her expectations and the words of K Pattabhi Jois came alive right there

Practice and all is coming
— K. Pattabhi Jois

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