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Welcome the water; showing yourself some love

auryveda copper vessel copperh20 hidden messages in water hydration masaru emoto nottingham yoga blog truthbomb water wellness Feb 21, 2018
Photo by Mourad Saadi

Photo by Mourad Saadi

I had some pretty large lightbulb moments last year that caused a huge shift in the way I think about lots of stuff and bizarrely water was one of this things.


Yup, water. Two atoms of hydrogen one atom of oxygen. This glorious, wonderful stuff that keeps us alive and it covers more than 70% of the earth’s surface (cheers Google) yet we probably don’t even give it too much consideration past popping the kettle on or whether the boiler has heated enough to give us a nice bath.

As an adult, we’re made up of around 60% water and our very cells depend on the wet stuff for us to continue to live. We know, we just know, that we have to drink water to remain in optimum health, around 1 - 2 litres every day.

But do you?

Of course you must do because we cannot survive more than a few days without it; our wonderful bodies absorb water from our food and through our skin as well as the fluid that we drink.

Last year I read the book



the published works of Japanese researcher, Masaru Emoto, who studied the effects of environment on water by freezing and photographing frozen water crystals exposed to different things for example words, musics, environment. He concluded that energy is transferred to the water, affecting it’s quality. Water exposed to loving, 'good’ energy formed beautiful, hexagonal snowflake, whereas water exposed to negativity or ‘bad’ energy did not.

Even how it is stored or transported affects it’s quality; apparently water does not like to be stored in plastic bottles or to be treated with various chemicals such as chlorine. (I’m afraid I don’t know well enough about that but I’m sure I don’t fancy taking a sip from a natural like a lake or pond.) Accordingly to Auryvedic understanding, the best way of consuming water is from a copper vessel because the essential trace mineral copper balances all three doshas (kapha, pitta and vatta) in the body. Again, Auryveda is something I don’t know enough about. Yet. But I’m so interested to learn more. In fact, I will add the following to my Christmas wishlist “Dear Santa, I would love a few more hours in the day to find out loads of interesting things about Auryvedic medicine”. I’m slowly integrating different aspects though, such as eating more leafy green vegetables to accommodate different stages in my hormonal cycle and drinking from my beautiful bottle, which was a gift from Santa last Christmas - you might have seen it at my yoga classes, it’s a thing of beauty and very shiny which is good because I’m a little bit like a magpie sometimes. I’m a lucky girl; it really does taste so much nicer!! All the better if it has health benefits for me. Yay! ***

Anyway, I digress, but if this isn’t the first of my blog posts that you’ve read, you’ll know that happens sometimes.

Mr Emoto’s was a lengthy study and I’m no scientist or researcher but I know that negativity will affect our mood, sometimes even leading to or contributing to serious concerns like depression or anxiety, but the study tells me that our very cells, made up of water, can be affected on a physical level by the quality of the water we absorb. If it is so and our energy or words can affect the quality of the water, we are emotionally AND physically better off to live with a greater level of kindness and gratitude.

Here was my lightbulb moment. I have been living this yogic way of life for quite some time so I know it’s better to be kind, honest and grateful - it makes me feel good - but now Science says so, too? Perfect! (Actually, this isn’t technically new information - the studies took  place during the 1990’s, but it’s new news to me.)

What’s your take on this? Do you drink 1 - 2 litres of water every day? I kindly and warmly invite you to sip this wonderful, life-giving water mindfully and with gratitude.

All my love x

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*** Last minute edit, the lovely people at CopperH2O recently contacted me about a social media post where I had mentioned my lovely copper water bottle and they have really kindly offered a discount for readers of this blog post. If you’re interested to bring some of this glimmering copper goodness into your hydration routine, drop me an email and we’ll see if we can make the magic happen together.

Wishing you well (chuckling to myself - see what I did there??!)