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Women’s Awards; I've been shortlisted!

business personal Sep 12, 2020
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You know what it’s like when you’re waiting for a bus?


You stand, seemingly idle; watching passing traffic, twiddling your thumbs, scrolling through your phone or if you’re a yogi, taking a cheeky Tadasana and enjoying mindful, meditative breathing to make the most of the moment (that’s totally me, like every time. Kidding. 😜), and then two buses come along at once.

This is a little bit how I’ve been lately; twiddling my thumbs, making the most of the extra time during lockdown, and then,


💥 BAM! 💥


loads of really exciting things come along at once - each thing deserving of 100% of your attention, time, and energy.


So to the best of my ability, I will deal with each thing in a single-tasking fashion. Here’s the thing I’m looking at in this moment.



I have been shortlisted for not one but TWO



East Midlands Women's Awards

How amazing is that?!?


Whenever I see coverage of awards ceremonies I always feel regretful that I hadn’t been aware of the nomination process because I know so many incredible people who run their own businesses. Literally, “like a boss”.


This was exactly what I did when I became aware of these awards; I nominated people who I know to be deserving of recognition, acknowledgment and celebration for their hard work. I also passed the information to the amazing community of people that I work with, because if I don’t know about these opportunities, how do other people know?


With sincere gratitude, I was nominated for four categories

  • Outstanding Women With Community Impact 2020

  • Outstanding Woman In Professional Services of the Year 2020

  • Outstanding Female Leader in A Market Town 2020

  • Outstanding Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2020

A couple of days ago, I received an email to tell me I’ve been shortlisted in the “Outstanding Female Leader in A Market Town 2020” and “Outstanding Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2020” categories.

This is so great because I am fully aware that there will have been some pretty amazing nominees for each category.






When I first began teaching yoga in Hucknall in 2015, we had some incredibly gifted teachers (thank you Alison & Ros!) and there was no online presence of yoga or wellbeing in the community that I had been able to find.


I've since renovated and opened a wellbeing hub for the town and created an online membership area for people unable to attend studio classes due to social distancing and actual physical distance. I have worked very hard and it has indeed been a labour of love because I’m rewarded all the time with the richness, depth, and kindness of this wonderful community of people who choose to work with me.

I am a huge advocate of celebrating successes - in fact, our Women’s Circle dedicated a whole evening to it with our recent Brag Party - but for some reason, it feels so much harder to celebrate personal success. What’s your opinion?


It’s not hard to find doom and gloom when you look around. For some reason, society tells us to look for the worst or to engage in critical or negative thought patterns.



I want us all to change that and be honest and proud of our achievements - for the benefit of ourselves, our communities, our businesses and most importantly, for future generations. Let’s lead by example for our children and young people and give them positive role models wherever we can - it takes a village, right?


So, in the spirit of putting my money where my mouth is and regardless of the outcome of the judging




In the words of my late Aunty Anne,





(BTW, lots of people have asked how they can vote, which is such a beautiful thing to volunteer. The judging of the award is being undertaken by a closed panel of experts.)



I would love to know how you can celebrate YOU. Tell me in the comments!!


There’s a lot of negative language out there these days. I truly hope it this has offered you some cheer and it may have given you some food for thought. Use the buttons below ⬇️ to get social.



Share, like, comment, forward - all that good stuff to build community and connection with someone else who might enjoy reading this perspective. Stay kind, stay happy, stay healthy,


All my love xx 🙏🏼