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A great way to ease the fear of The Black Dog

anxiety depression the black dog wisdom in lyrics Dec 15, 2020
The beautiful snout of the wonder that is Bobbers (real name, Holly B. from Nottingham).A favourite, ever-hungry, black Labrador buddy of mine who I may or may not have bribed with snacks. On more than one occasion. 🤷🏼‍♀️

The beautiful snout of the wonder that is Bobbers (real name, Holly B. from Nottingham).

A favourite, ever-hungry, black Labrador buddy of mine who I may or may not have bribed with snacks. On more than one occasion. 🤷🏼‍♀️


I posted this on my Instagram feed recently and I had to stop all other work to talk about it a bit more, because the concept felt really big for me. (If you use IG, feel free to give it a 💚 and my account a follow 👍🏼)


First off, I’m starting with a disclaimer… in this blog post, you will find a lot of


…and I can’t even apologise for it 🤷🏼‍♀️

I was searching through my photographs to find just the right picture of a happy dog, a running dog, a cuddly dog, a loving dog, a funny dog, and to be honest, there were just too damn many to chose from because I am blessed to have the most wonderful Furbabies in my life.


And I wouldn’t even really consider myself a ‘dog’ person. But there you go.


Shall I crack on with the blog post? Ok then.




The term ‘black dog’ has become synonymous with depression.


I suffer with it myself and I know the heaviness that grips on just about everything. If you’re “lucky” enough to suffer with anxiety too, well then my friend - I know that it’s a bullshit thing to experience.


It sucks ass and it’s all-encompassing.


So if you understand what I’m talking about, I’m very sorry for it; you’re not alone and I send you hugs 💚


It’s likely you might have sometimes found yourself hiding under a duvet, seeking solace in a packet of custard creams or trawling Google to find answers or suggestions for respite (I do these things, so I understand. I’m not trying to discount your experience.)




Last week, I stumbled over the lyric of a Bastille song and I absolutely love it, because

Photocredit @elizabethlies




The song is called Survivin’ and all being well, I’ve posted a link here 👇🏼 so you can have a listen without leaving the page.

(Tell me if it goes wrong, you know that the Techie Gremlins and I don’t always see eye to eye.)



All dogs were once puppies, right?


I happen to have a very wonderful black dog in my life - two of them, in fact - and I don’t see either of them nearly as often as I’d like to.

One of them is a big bundle of boundless energy who loves to play, and swim, and jump. She has a muscular tail that can knock you off your feet with her whole-body wag. Her nickname is Bobbers and she brings me joy whenever I think of how much she loves to see me (Over the years, I have unashamedly brought her affection with snacks. What can I say, she’s a Labrador and I have no guilt 🤷🏼‍♀️). You can see a picture of her beautiful snout at the top of this post 👆🏼. Isn’t she the cutest??


The other is the gentlest, most loving & handsome boy who will do anything to be snuggled up on the sofa with his Daddy (or with his Mumma if Daddy’s not around). I know that he loves me, too, because when I’m able to visit I’m someone else to cuddle with and he’ll cry until he’s invited up onto the sofa for a hug. He is a real gentleman. Here he is waiting patiently with Lola for a snack.

“Say whatt?!”

“Say whatt?!”




Do you have a dog or do you know one of these furry creatures? Do they ever go off their lead? If you don’t have a dog, maybe you could find another human who lives with one and see if you can make friends with their Furbaby.


Lola loves to go off her lead and despite being almost ten, she races around like a puppy with her tongue lolloping around out the side of her mouth. You can tell she is absolutely Loving. Life.


In fairness, she also barks far too much at the postman and anyone who dares walk past the house and is a bit of a prat in that regard. (And the postman is a really lovely guy, so I don’t know what her problem is. Cheers Mark 👍🏼)


I tried to find a picture of her whizzing around to show you the sheer joy on her face but to be honest, she’s just too damned fast and there’s no capturing it. So instead, here she is posing to allow everyone to admire her beauty…

"Humans, you may admire my beauty." Princess Lola

"Humans, you may admire my beauty." Princess Lola


You see how easily I’ve gone off topic?


These fluffy, four-legged angels on earth are the perfect teachers of how to live in the moment and savour every single moment of joy.


They also like to get involved with your yoga practice (which can also help with anxiety and depression, you know)

Dillan photobombing / helping out with Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana, (ironically, also known as 3-legged dog pose), on Salisbury Plains.

Dillan photobombing / helping out with Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana, (ironically, also known as 3-legged dog pose), on Salisbury Plains.


…they like to pull funny faces

Dogs pull funny faces, too

… and let’s not forget they always know when you’re feeling playful and


and so they can love you like you are their favourite cuddly toy.

All the love for Lola’s cuddles

All the love for Lola’s cuddles


That was the last dog-spam picture. I promise.


The next time I feel the prowling of the malevolent hound coming around the corner, I am going to try my hardest to remember that all dogs started out as puppies who loved to race and bound and play.


Maybe there’s a very valid reason that my feelings are requesting that I pause to process situations or emotions rather than just getting on with the daily grind.


Maybe there’s something that the dog is trying to teach me.


Keeping a personal journal is a really excellent way to dig deep with those kinds of questions. Brain-dumping all of the words out of your mind and getting them onto paper is a really good way for clearing some space for other stuff.


The third of the Niyamas, Tapas, invites us to grow through the challenges that life presents us with. And let’s face it, growth and self care is actually not always about bubble baths and having a chill time reading a book.


It’s about doing the work of processing difficult emotions.


This is just one of the ways that a regular yoga practice can influence and benefit your emotional wellbeing. Tapas also applies when you’re in the yoga pose that you really dislike and the teacher says Three. More. Breaths. And you feel the tension in the body and the tension in the mind as Ego starts to pipe up.


It’s normal and it’s ok.


(It is said that the yoga pose you don’t like is the one you should take more frequently to be better able to deal with difficult thoughts or feelings.)


How I’ll get along with this practice is anyone’s guess but you can bet your last Scooby snack I’m going to give it a go!


Do you think you might benefit from reframing the Black Dog? Or do you know someone else who it might be helpful for? Do all the friendly, social stuff like sharing, commenting, liking etc so these words can reach a wider audience and perhaps help one or two extra people.


(You can also get in touch just to tell me which is your favourite picture! If you love dogs and you use Instagram, check out Aunty Annie’s All About the Dog page. She takes the most wonderful pictures of her tribe of doggos and their adventures around Wiltshire. They are great images and often make me laugh with their wonderful expressions. )



I really, really hope this change in perspective might be helpful for you and I would love for you to tell me your thoughts on the subject. I need you to know that I am not being dismissive of your personal circumstances, at all. If you are struggling in any way, I implore you to talk to someone you trust, or speak with your GP or the Samaritans if you could do with some extra support.


I promise you, my darling, you are not on your own with whatever you are dealing with. All things are temporary and they pass.

Sending lots of love from me and Lola,

Lee-ann x