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HuMM Music to Celebrate and Benefit the Community

Do you like to sing for your supper? Have a passion for poetry? Like to channel your energy towards a particular local charity? Do you love the idea of connecting with your community? Or maybe you’re looking for another way to practise yoga.

Here’s a great way you can HuMM for Hucknall, the final resting place of the poet celebrated poet Lord Byron and do all of these things.

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Back to Basics; a Brand NEW Yoga Course for the New Year

Let's get back to basics, exploring poses for a teensy little while longer, using whatever props you need to help you find best alignment. Yoga can help you  improve your physical fitness, strength and flexibility, lose weight, improve the quality of your sleep and help you to manage stressful situations or difficult emotions in a more productive way. Honestly, there are too many benefits to list!!

Let me help you learn yoga poses that you can practise safely at home on your own to further develop your time on the mat. As an added bonus, you will also meet new people and enjoy the shared experience of the weekly practise.

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6 week yoga courses. Exciting things afoot!

I am so excited about my new yoga courses beginning in September and I'm loving being stuck into my lesson planning and sequencing. I have lists, post-it notes and text books-a-plenty strewn across my office floor alongside many empty teacups. I'm so keen for the courses to help you gain a richer depth to your yoga practice and a greater awareness of just how amazing our human body is.

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