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Living my Tapas

Well, where do I start on living my tapas? Perhaps by saying that I was more than happy to wave goodbye to 2017 for it gave me a couple of the toughest life lessons so far BUT was also a catalyst for massive change and growth for me, for which I have huuuuge gratitude.

Tapas is the third of the niyamas which tells us that every situation, no matter how uncomfortable allows us to change and grow, making us a better person.

So, with my hand on my heart, I said goodbye to it. Thanks for the lessons.

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Svadhyaya; will I ever be able to say this lovely niyama properly?

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali explains svadhyaya is the study of scripture or spiritual books. My own personal understanding of this is that it is also the study of the self, for if the universe or Brahman exists in unity with our individual consciousness, Atman, understanding and learning more about ourself is a way in which we can discover more about life. It seems I’m making my own brain ache.

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Can we learn to be content with Santosha?

I’ve been thinking about Santosha this week and I was drawn back to a blog entry that I wrote during my last holiday, which happened to be in Sharm el Sheik, Egypt in October ’16. Indeed, we flew home just one day before the awful news of the Russian airplane crashing into the Sinai desert. I didn’t feel it appropriate to post the blog at the time because I felt so sad but it is a stark reminder of the very reason why it is important to be content and happy with our lives; so many are not.

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Moving onto the Niyamas; beginning with Sauca

The niyamas are the must "do's" in order to live a balanced life in harmony with yourself and other beings . The first of the five niyamas is Sauca, which means purity or cleanliness of body, thoughts and actions. Where better to consider this than on a brisk, clean spring morning (image taken Papplewick, Nottinghamshire)

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