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5 of my teaching bloopers that will make you laugh

I have been to some very serious yoga classes. And I’ve loved them. The mat really is a place where you can delve into yourself to ‘sort out’ your thoughts and feelings and the mind chatter.

I’ve also been in classes that have taken a break from the seriousness and erupted into giggles.

That kinda happens in my classes occasionally, and that’s totally fine with me.

Thank you to all of my lovelies who responded to my social media post and gifted me with a personal memory of a time they’ve had fun yoga with me. Here’s a selection of the best. (So far.)

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The All You Yoga Fancy Pants Yoga Challenge

How would  you like to play a game with me, improve your fitness, connect in with your breath and the present moment AND have the chance of winning some very snazzy yoga pants to celebrate my second birthday...?

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