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Valentine's Day Truthbombs

Do you think me a girl all splashing all the hearts and flowers over social media on Valentine's Day? The one that requires fancy gifting? Or the one that rants and complains? I love displays of affection (have ever people-watched in a train station, a popular meeting spot or in a school playground?).

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Valentine's Day vexes me (check out that alliteration #sorrynotsorry) but I have a gift for you, head right this way... 

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Why I teach the way I teach

My style of teaching reflects my core values of empathy, knowledge, positivity, gratitude and love. I want to be able to share with complete authenticity. I believe people attend my sessions because I use my own voice, personality, humour and passion for anatomy and physiology. It is a humbling feeling that people chose to spend their time, energy and money to come along to my classes each week. I am so grateful of the path I find myself on because I know I’ve put my whole heart into learning along the way. I feel blessed.

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