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Change & Growth; I'm a shakin' things up...

I keep being reminded of how quickly this year seems to be going. How is it summer so soon and how am I already in the planning stages for September? Yes, I actually plan and map things out. Well, that's the aim; sometimes, life just happens and it's best to roll with it and see where the ride takes you.

I'm preparing some exciting changes to begin in the Autumn to enrich the structure of my yoga sessions. Do watch this space for news.

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Ladies, take a different yoga practice whenever you need it.

I love leading my yoga sessions and I'm honoured that so many come along to play with me. The invitations I offer do not need to be followed if they don’t feel good for you today; the practice is yours and yours alone and only you know how your body feels right now.


I considered emailing this to my female subscribers only but I felt that would be doing an incredible dis-service to men. Why do we assume that they don’t want to understand their wives, girlfriends, daughters, mothers? We are all connected to one another in this beautiful life and there need be no shame.  Let’s celebrate who we are and what we are; perfectly imperfect humans living a perfectly imperfect life.

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