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My Top 10 words to make you feel like an expert in your yoga class

Yoga teachers may use mystical-sounding words and terms you don’t understand. Often these words don’t have a direct translation, that’s why yoga teachers use the Sanskrit terms. Allow me to share the words and terms I use most frequently in my yoga classes in Hucknall, Nottingham. Having an understanding of them can help you deepen your practice and understanding, bringing contentment and peace as you move your body.

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Living my Tapas

Well, where do I start on living my tapas? Perhaps by saying that I was more than happy to wave goodbye to 2017 for it gave me a couple of the toughest life lessons so far BUT was also a catalyst for massive change and growth for me, for which I have huuuuge gratitude.

Tapas is the third of the niyamas which tells us that every situation, no matter how uncomfortable allows us to change and grow, making us a better person.

So, with my hand on my heart, I said goodbye to it. Thanks for the lessons.

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