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This is who I am | Finding balance and concentration

balance concentration inner strength niyama - tapas Dec 09, 2020

Following the recent lockdown, relaxing of lockdown and who knows what of lockdown, I found that on returning to the studio in Hucknall, people really want to talk about their lives and how they have come to be where they are.


It’s inspired me to open my Guest Blogging doors in the series

This is who I am


The flames of concentration

Read here about some of the reflections that Andrew has during his yoga practice at the studio.



This evening was the last yoga session before the second COVID-19 lockdown in early November 2020. It was gentle, slow, and ‘generous’.


As the session progressed, the breathing and poses helped my body to relax into itself. Then the focus shifted to thoughts.


We were encouraged to let our thoughts go. To be aware of them and as they arose to gently let them go. At some point, I was watching the candle flames flicker and it brought up for me how a candle flame can be a focus for meditation. Then, I noticed something; the flames in the glass jars were in continual movement, flickering all the time, rather like thoughts going round and round. However, there was one flame which was still, just burning straight upwards. The reason why it was burning vertically was because it was in a metal mesh container which allowed the air to get to the flame on all sides.


Rather like the thoughts, it was given space to breathe in a non-judgemental way.


I remember the Buddhist saying that thoughts are like clouds, let them pass over ahead, especially the negative ones, and then they have no hold over you.


thoughts are like clouds, they can pass by

Maybe we should be aware and use discernment to select which thoughts are beneficial to us, and which thoughts are the ones to let go of before they destroy our inner equilibrium.

It doesn’t matter if your flame is flickering round and round or burning straight. There is light and love in both flames and we would be wise to remember that.


I’m not sure if it’s age in my case, but I struggle with balance when doing the tree pose. It could of course be just a matter of practice. However, I do find that using a close by wall as a prop helps considerably. I can ( on occasion ) even take the finger prop away from the wall.  Somewhere I was beginning to relate to the ‘balance’ in my life.  So, I did a Google search and this article by Jasmin Tanjeloff came up offering tips to create a balanced life:


The picture when the link opened up was of the tree pose!  The article seems to sum up what I currently feel about balance in my life. I’ve found it particularly helpful. I hope that you do too.



~ Andrew Edis, Hucknall



Andrew has so many interesting reflections around inner peace so I really hope you have enjoyed reading this - I’m really grateful to him for sharing his thoughts.




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