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World Mental Health Day 2016

ashfield health and wellbeing centre bahia yoga breathe mental health awareness relaxation wellness world mental health day Oct 10, 2016

I am really honoured to have been asked to lead a yoga session on behalf of Bahia Yoga, Nottingham, with Ashfield Health and Wellbeing Centre's Ashfield Voluntary Action Step by Step Project today to recognise the importance of physical exercise on our state of mind.

It's a sad fact that most people will be affected by mental illness at some stage in their life and it's so important to take the taboo away from this. Share the burden, talk to a friend, talk to a professional, take some time for yourself. I can't stress enough that self-care is not selfish. How often have we heard cabin crew telling us that in the event of a drop in cabin pressure, you must fit your own oxygen mask before helping someone else with theirs? People; we don't need extremes like this! Perhaps all you might need is to sit quietly with a book, have a doodle in your mandala colouring book, walk the dog in the fresh air, pick up your guitar. Whatever. It doesn't matter. What does matter is that we don't soldier on ONLY taking care of someone else and forgetting about ourselves? YOU are very important, very special, very unique. Trust me that the people in your life will thank you for it.

During leading the session today, I had the pleasure of meeting some very wonderful, selfless carer's who told me that it seems like they just don't get a break and their yoga session was very welcome. These guys care tirelessly for people they love because they love them. I hope the short practice this afternoon was enough to reboot their batteries and replenish their love for themselves.




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