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How yoga has improved my anxiety and depression

The response I have received to my question “What has yoga done for me” has been so great, with so many people telling me about so many different benefits they are experiencing from their yoga practice.

In this post, a client explains how it has been key in his self-care routine, helping during a time of anxiety and depression.

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My Top 10 words to make you feel like an expert in your yoga class

Yoga teachers may use mystical-sounding words and terms you don’t understand. Often these words don’t have a direct translation, that’s why yoga teachers use the Sanskrit terms. Allow me to share the words and terms I use most frequently in my yoga classes in Hucknall, Nottingham. Having an understanding of them can help you deepen your practice and understanding, bringing contentment and peace as you move your body.

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Ladies & Gentlemen, allow me to reveal four ways The Greatest Showman can *vastly* improve your yoga and your life

Ok, so there *may* be spoilers, but since the first day I listened to the soundtrack of this film, I have felt compelled to share lots of ways I found that can help people live their best life. Read on for an epic blog post that took quite a while to write and if you get to the end of it, there might be a medal for you. (Not really, there’s no medal).

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