The great benefits of yoga for the young at heart

Yoga is for everybody. Yoga is not just for the super fit, the super bendy or the super young. It really is for every body.

Dedicated yogini, Tai Chi practitioner, cyclist and runner Mary, shares her experience of having a regular yoga practice; how it helps keep her body mobile and strong and her mind clear and calm.

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How to make your staff WANT to make your business succeed

Many thousands of pounds in the UK alone every year are lost due to staff illness, absence and attrition.

Whether in a management role or not, in a large corporate company, a local shop or in an educational setting, have you ever wonder what you can do to help your team be happy and more productive? More importantly, how you can help to reduce your workload and combat stress?

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"How yoga is helping me with my back injury"

Attending a yoga class can be a daunting affair for someone who believes they are not the right kind of body shape for it or for someone who might be nervous or anxious in social situations. Yoga is the perfect place to explore who you really are inside. Please read the following guest blog from one of my very lovely students who recounts with the eyes of a beginner.

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Beautiful changes in the classroom after children's yoga

Yoga for children in schools can make a vast difference not just to education but to the overall wellbeing of children, families and teachers. Find out how many changes were observed in a classroom by a teacher of a Year 3 class of 7-8 year old children and particularly how a child with Autism was able to use skills he had learned to calm himself.

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My Top 10 words to make you feel like an expert in your yoga class

Yoga teachers may use mystical-sounding words and terms you don’t understand. Often these words don’t have a direct translation, that’s why yoga teachers use the Sanskrit terms. Allow me to share the words and terms I use most frequently in my yoga classes in Hucknall, Nottingham. Having an understanding of them can help you deepen your practice and understanding, bringing contentment and peace as you move your body.

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