Why should I have private yoga? Sep 26, 2019
yoga tuition in a private setting

Don’t you just love a yoga class? There’s something really nice about arriving at the studio and saying hi...

The Handbook of Positive Advice for the Newly Single Sep 11, 2019
Yoga can help you rediscover yourself after relationship breakdown

Did you ever see the Tim Burton film, Beetlejuice? It used to be a favourite of mine but I have to say that when I watched...

Why the hell did I cry in my yoga class?? Jul 11, 2019
Crying during a yoga class is perfectly natural and normal

Has this ever happened to you? How did it make you feel? Maybe it sent you scampering for the door, never to return.


How I celebrated International Day of Yoga 2019 Jul 04, 2019
The studio of BBC Radio Nottingham to discuss International Day of Yoga 2019

Did you do anything special to celebrate International Day of Yoga on 21st June 2019?


Perhaps you took an extra few...

How can I introduce some basic yoga to improve my life? Jun 27, 2019
Beginning a yoga practice

Ooh, I get some really great questions through my various channels of social media!!!

Yoga to get to your best body shape with ease Jun 20, 2019


Blog | yoga for weightloss.png

I recently had conversations with people asking if yoga can help them lose weight. One or two of these ladies...

Yoga really helped my anxiety panic attacks May 16, 2019
gentle yoga can really help with panic attacks caused by anxiety

Mental Health Awareness week is such an important one. But even the term ‘mental health’ can conjure...

Useful things to know for a safe pregnancy yoga practice Mar 28, 2019

(even if you're not pregnant)

(You don't even have to be female!)

Move slowly and mindfully during pregnancy yoga

even if you're not pregnant. You don't even...

Celebrating success - International Women's Day 2019 Mar 08, 2019
International Women's Day 2019 - Leeds

For the record, I believe in celebrating everybody’s successes regardless of gender but this post in relation to...

What does a yoga teachers practice look like? Mar 06, 2019
Yoga is the practice of uniting the body, mind and breath

Yoga teachers go to yoga classes, too!


A little while ago as part of my guest blogging series, I invited people...

Get the most out of your pregnancy yoga class Feb 28, 2019
Pregnant meditating.png

I am in awe of the female body so it’s quite fortunate that I happen to live in one of those myself, right?



The great benefits of yoga for the young at heart Feb 21, 2019

I love how many people have responded to my question of

“What has yoga done for me?”

Yoga in Hucknall is for every body, regardless of age or ability

I think it’s quite...

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