The All You Yoga Fancy Pants Yoga Challenge Dec 31, 2017


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If you're like me, after the festive period of too much food, drink, and sitting...

The Gift of Yoga for Christmas Dec 12, 2017
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At this time of year, I feel pressure with product commercials, advertisements and even whilst walking through the cheese aisle...

A third evening class, you say? Well, alrighty then! Oct 26, 2017

I'm super excited to have been in discussions with the lovely Simone of Believe Academy in Hucknall the outcome of which is that I...

Am I being too kind? Oct 21, 2017
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Wait. What? Too kind? I'm sorry to say in this age of global political uncertainty, refugee crises, crime rates and social divide,...

What about the 'Othering'? Oct 12, 2017
Image credit Timon Studler

Image credit Timon Studler

The supporters of that football team are a rowdy bunch, they’re not like us.


Oh, the things you can learn whilst playing Dobble Oct 08, 2017

Have you played it? It’s a great card game where you have to place all of your cards by matching one of the random pictures. It’s...

I am so Yoga. Ish Oct 06, 2017
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I wonder how many read and, dare I say, enjoy my blog posts and newsletters? I love to talk yogic philosophy and how we can live more...

Let's talk about 'Om' Sep 12, 2017

The sound "Om", is often chanted in yoga practice because it is recognised as the sound of the vibration of the universe. However, rather than...

6 week yoga courses. Exciting things afoot! Aug 02, 2017

I am so excited about my new yoga courses beginning in September and I'm loving being stuck into my lesson planning and sequencing. I have lists,...

Change & Growth: I'm a shakin' things up... Jun 28, 2017

I keep being reminded of how quickly this year seems to be going. How is it summer so soon and how am I already in the planning stages for...

Why I teach the way I teach May 19, 2017

To teach in a way being true to my core values is very important to me. By nature, I am an empathic person and I enjoy sharing my passion for the...

Ladies, take a different yoga practice whenever you need it. May 17, 2017


I love leading my yoga sessions and I'm honoured that so many come along to play with me. During these sessions, I invite people to...

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