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Children's Yoga

Exposing children to yoga and mindful practices from a young age and in a school setting can be hugely beneficial in terms of introducing non-competitive exercise, improving the quality of a child's sleep, better concentration and the ability to form meaningful relationships.

If you happen to know a little one who might like a different kind of birthday party, I am more than happy to tailor a class just for the special young person in your life. Get in touch for information on group yoga sessions or for children's or yoga parties which I can host at my studio in Hucknall.

Family Yoga

These sessions are held at my yoga studio in the centre of Hucknall and are accessible for parents and children to experience a fun and playful yoga practice tailored around a theme or a story to honour the ancient lessons of yogic philosophy, modern knowledge of anatomy & physiology and good standards for self care and being a kind human being.

I think you have a real talent for engaging with children and young people and I’ve appreciated the planning and thought you’ve put into those sessions.
— Sally, Nottingham

All you will need is to wear clothes that you can move easily in, bare feet and some water to sip. Depending on how you feel, you could even bring your child’s pyjamas for evening practices so they’re ready for bed because there are lots of car parking spaces very close to my studio in Hucknall.

If you have your own yoga mat, you are welcome to bring it along because it’s best to have one of your own, but I have plenty if you want to borrow one of mine.


Teen Yoga

In modern times, teenagers are faced with different challenges to experienced by previous generations and so having a yoga practice is a great way for young people to be able to move their bodies in a non-competitive way, gaining a healthy body image by promoting self-esteem and confidence. It can allow them to find different ways to manage complex emotions or social situations that they may be presented with.

These weekly 45min classes are perfect for teens aged anywhere between 12 and 16ish to hang out in a relaxed forum with like-minded individuals. Each class will feature physical poses, a period of relaxation and a short meditation. I have a a passion for anatomy & physiology and a wealth of knowledge and experience of a wide range of yogic practices that can be fun yet enriching physically, emotionally and mentally.

School Yoga

I’m lucky enough to have worked in a great many schools in Nottingham with children aged between 4 and 12 with after school clubs and sessions during the school day for children in receipt of pupil premium funding.

A regular yoga practice with the familiarity of their school setting has produced amazing results with children affected by issues such as low self-esteem, autism-related conditions and children experiencing social difficulties or breakdowns in their family unit. Teachers and parents have reported greater focus during their lessons, a greater ability to manage strong emotions and to self-soothe and children being generally happier and calmer. Read this blog post from one Year 3 teacher in Nottingham to understand how these changes have impacted in the classroom.

One parent reported to me her sons ability to recall a particular yoga class with me that helped him deal with an incident with another child in the playground. She was greatly impressed with the way he dealt with a negative situation with kindness and empathy for the other child who had hurt his feelings.

If you work in a school and are interested to introduce yoga sessions to your children, please get in touch and I will gladly send you some more information. If you are a parent, you would be very welcome to forward my details to the head teacher of your child’s school.

All of my classes contain an educational aspect, but sssshhhh, don’t tell the children or the teens because I do try to hide that stuff behind some silliness and fun to keep it engaging for them.