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Make your Stress Manageable

Do you fall victim to stress? It is a natural part of life but can sometimes make you feel unsettled.

It can affect your sleep quality and have you feeling quite alone.

Perhaps even right now you might be feeling

~ overwhelmed or tearful

~ short-tempered or angry

~ unable to think straight

~ out of control

~ physical tension or headaches


75% of the people I asked told me that stress impacts their body or their health, and 88% told me it affects their relationships or work-life.

You’re here because maybe it affects YOU in these ways

Techniques such as meditation, exercise, or creative activities don’t always work every time. Perhaps you find that distracting yourself with TV, alcohol, or comfort eating can end up compounding the negative feelings.

Real-life challenges may be constant in your life and you need proven strategies that work for you.

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How would it be if you felt

✨ calm

✨ focussed

✨ lighter

✨ capable

✨ empowered

✨ self-reliant

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I want you to be able to recognise your triggers and to feel confident that you know how to help yourself in the way that you need.

Self-awareness and control in challenging times are highly valuable skills that can improve your physical and emotional wellbeing as well as enable you to foster better quality relationships

Join me in my studio for an in-person workshop to help make your stress more manageable.


"I wanted to refresh myself on stress management  ... and also invest in myself knowing that Lee-ann delivers quality and unique teaching that would benefit me holistically."

what will you learn?

I will teach you how to understand the natural cycle of stress and why your body responds in the way that it does.

With an understanding of why your body or emotions are responding like this, you will learn different techniques so that you can intelligently help yourself move back towards feelings of being in control.


How will you learn?

Occasionally, I offer relaxed, in-person events, but this course is entirely online using a variety of different media.

Stress responses have particular personal interest of mine for a long time and all of the material presented is designed to keep you stimulated and engaged, including

~ a comprehensive but easy-to-understand overview of how stress works

~ at what point in the cycle you are, and what you need to do to move through it

~ movement-based activities founded in yoga and mindfulness practices

~ simple grounding techniques that you can use any time and anywhere

~ further reading, podcasts, and weblinks


I want you to have time to digest and process the information, so there is also a handy workbook for journalling and self-reflection.


I would hugely advocate revisiting this information so once you have bought the course,

you will have access whenever you need it.

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How will this transform your life & why should you trust me?

This workshop is not limited to people who like yoga; it is for anyone who might have a problem with feelings of stress.

I used to be a corporate bank manager in the high-pressured industry in London, I’ve created successful businesses in the eCommerce and wellbeing industries, I’m a parent of young adults and I lived through a painful marriage separation and financial difficulties, so I know a thing or two about how different stressors feel.

Over the years, I have learned to manage my own stress with different techniques including talking therapies. I know how vitally important it is to seek help in an informed way and how empowering it is to work through something difficult.

These are life-affirming skills and they can help you, too.

As a registered yoga teacher with 1000+ hours of teaching experience, extensive understanding of anatomy and physiology, and twenty years of personal yoga practice under my belt. I’ve worked with hundreds of students and have countless hours of continuous professional development (CPD) in a wide variety of aspects of yoga and relaxation techniques. I can help you learn to manage your stress.

80% of the people I work with are repeat clients and they tell me they enjoy and trust my

✨ expertise, professionalism & discretion

✨ authenticity & integrity

✨ empathy & kindness

✨ humour & vibrancy

The investment?

There are no current in-person dates, however, you can gain instant, lifetime access to the online version of my course for just


for a limited time


This includes worksheets, further reading lists, and breath, and movement techniques.


🌟  added bonus 🌟

previous in-person participants will receive a very generous discount to rthe online course because I recognise that there is a lot of information to process, and I truly believe these skills are beneficial for a happy and calm life.

*all participants will be asked to provide honest feedback so I can continue to grow and develop the workshop

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I hope you’ll join me because I really want you to feel relaxed, strong & empowered in your own body.

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What you do is healing and not only of body.  I would add mind and spirit to the equation. You are adding to people’s lives, and ‘lifting them.’ In alchemical terms, you are adding gold to their lives.

Here's some more peace of mind before you book


I’m a girl who likes openness and honesty.

There is a reciprocal arrangement of transparency and trust between us.

A great many people come to my yoga classes as well as my Dealing with Stress workshop as a means to help them deal with emotional or mental wellbeing concerns like anxiety or depression, so for your comfort, you should know that I am also a Mental Health First Aider.

I always respect any information entrusted to me and exercise discretion around sensitive matters.
All participants are expected to respect everyone else's privacy


I’m also a girl who likes to do things properly

I dot my i’s and cross my t’s, so you can be assured that my qualifications are all up-to-date and refreshed with regular continued professional development (CPD), First Aid training, and I am fully insured.

I frequently update and publish my Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, or scroll down to check out my FAQs as asked by real people.

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Particular highlights included suggestions for physically managing stress with simple and effective exercises and talking through how I exhibit stress in my behaviour and body symptoms.