Yoga is a safe and fun practice for children and can provide them with valuable life skills. A child will enjoy their yoga class a lot more if they are willing to follow gentle instructions and take part.

It is important that your child feels physically comfortable and feels able to tell me if something doesn't feel right for them. Please explain to your child that they must stop any movement or activity if it causes them pain or discomfort. I will also explain this to them.

It is never a good idea to undertake a physical exercise if the child is unwell or has had any pain relief medication, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen because these medications can interfere with normal pain receptors which will greatly increase their risk of injury.

Some medical conditions, old or current, may affect the child's ability to practise. If you are aware any of the following concerns, you should check with your health professional that it is safe for your child to practice yoga (including abdominal disorder, recent surgery, back pain, joint problems, heart disorders, balance-affecting disorder.) In addition to this, it would be useful to be aware of any recent upheaval that may have affected the child such as a house move, bullying or family separation as this could potentially cause anxiety or depression issues or noise sensitivity.

Please read and complete the following Health Declaration. You should be aware that in accordance with my insurance regulations and with UK law, I am required to hold this information securely for 7 years after the child's 18th birthday.

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