Yoga is a safe practice for the majority of people. Please complete this declaration prior to attending your first All You Yoga practice to confirm that you are well enough for physical activity. You undertake that you will cease an activity if it causes you pain or discomfort. 

Some medical conditions, old or current, may affect your ability to practice. If you have any of the following concerns, you should check with your health professional that it is safe for you to practice yoga (including abdominal disorder, recent surgery, arthritis, back pain, knee problems, hip problems, shoulder or neck problems, heart disorders, blood pressure issues, anxiety / depression, balance-affecting disorder, pregnancy / recent childbirth)

Pain killers If you have had cause to take any pain relief medication prior to a scheduled yoga class, please do not attend as some medications can interfere with the bodies normal pain receptors which will greatly increase your risk of injury. This includes the use of ibuprofen.

Pregnancy If you think you may be pregnant, please let me know as even early pregnancy or recent pregnancy can affect your practise. I offer pre- and post-natal yoga sessions dedicated to women over 14weeks of pregnancy or 6 weeks after the end of the pregnancy (babies are welcome up until when they are mobile or crawling) Please get in touch if this is something that interests you, or click here to book your 6 week course.

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