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Women’s Yoga

Pregnancy, fertility treatment and miscarriage can greatly impact on your yoga practice, because of changes in your body. For more specific information click here.

If you are interested to work with me in a 1-2-1 setting in the comfort of your own home, please email me.

Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga classes tailored towards a pregnant body of more than 14 weeks. Pre-natal yoga can ease common discomforts and can improve physical fitness during a time of rapid changes in the body. We will include relaxation techniques which you can practice in your own time to improve sleep quality and to prepare your body for birthing your baby. Yoga can be a great time to develop a bond with your unborn child and to meet other mothers-to-be in the local community.

You don’t need to have practiced yoga before; the poses are extremely slow and gentle and for this reason, these classes are also accessible for other non-pregnant women (although the focus and vocabulary will be entirely focused on prenatal concerns).



Working When Pregnant: Your Rights
Please find attached a link to the
GOV.UK website, explaining your rights in relation to working whilst pregnant, specifically to paid time off for antenatal care or appointments.

I hope you find this information of use, but please contact your employer if you require any further assistance.


Post-Natal Yoga

The changes that a woman’s body experiences during pregnancy and child birth are vast and rapid.

Post-natal yoga is a very gentle and empowering way to rehabilitate your body and to regain strength and stability around your core, hips and pelvis. It can provide you with relaxation techniques to find respite and focus during a tiring time and it’s an invaluable way to take some time for yourself and to meet other new mothers for all-important adult conversation and interaction. It’s a time when new mothers need almost as much nurturing as Baby does.

These classes are available to new mothers, post 6-weeks. Please ensure that you have consulted with your midwife or medical professional to ensure they are happy for you to begin a yoga practice, especially if you have had any medical intervention such as a Caesarian delivery.

Baby is welcome to come along up until they are mobile. If you need to feed during the class that is completely acceptable. Expect these classes to be very relaxed and informal, possibly with the vocal contributions from babies and occasionally disrupted - if Baby needs you, I’d much rather your focus be with them.

Women’s Circle

Women empower each other with their love and support.

Join me and other like-minded women of all ages in a small-sized community group in the style of a regular ‘red tent’ for setting intentions, letting go of things that no longer serve us and for generally celebrating all the aspects of what it means to be a woman. This practice will incorporate things such a short gentle yoga practice, meditation and healthy discussion and celebration of our monthly cycles and patterns.

Women of all ages from teens to pre- or post-menopausal women are invited and welcomed. Our unique experiences and lessons are all valid; we pick up so much valuable information that deserves to be passed onto the younger generation of females, whether we are mothers or not.

It is my hope that this circle will become a regular monthly community event and as such, am offering it on 'dharma' terms for the first few months. This means that you still need to book your space but rather than paying a fee on booking, you can contribute on the night. Life happens and if you find you cannot attend, please do cancel your place so that someone else can use it.

Wear something comfortable for sitting, there will be limited movement so layers might be a good idea.

(For all types of yoga, please complete a Health Declaration prior to your first practice)

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