move your sexy asana


Maybe you’re in a relationship or maybe you’re not, but do you

º feel like your sex life has gone a bit stale?

º wonder how you can bring back the spark that perhaps used to be there?

º imagine that EVERYONE is having more / better / more interesting sex than you?

º believe that there’s only a couple of positions you can enjoy physical pleasure in?


Feeling sexually unfulfilled can have you feeling frustrated, irritable, unproductive, and unhappy.

It really can affect your confidence if you are not experiencing the sexual pleasure in your body that you deserve.


And you really DO deserve it.

Because sexual pleasure is a basic human right

World Association of Sexual Health


When experiencing pleasure in any way, but in particular orgasm, the whole body is flooded with pleasure hormones such as serotonin and dopamine.

As well as positively affecting your overall wellbeing and happiness, these hormones have the capacity to reduce stress, improve sleep quality, reduce inflammation and disease in the body, improve social relationships and increase confidence and focus.

That’s right,


can actually make you more confident, happier and even more productive at work!

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How would it be if you felt...


✨ confident 🌟

in your ability to ask for and give pleasure?

✨ fit, flexible & strong ✨

enough to introduce a variety of different sexual positions

✨ relaxed, free of stress ✨

and able to determine your own sexual stamina

✨greater body awareness and sensation ✨

enabling you to take the pleasure that you deserve

"I always leave feeling physically and metally refreshed and relaxed"

Allow me to introduce


πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯

A pre-recorded 50-min yoga class tailored specifically to help you strengthen and tone your body to allow you to

🌟 introduce a variety of different positions into your sexual repertoire

🌟 improve your flexibility and mobility

🌟 increase blood flow to your legs, shoulders, hips, abdomen and sexy bits

🌟 learn mindful breathing practices to increase your sexual staying power

🌟 level-up your body image to help you feel more confident - in-between the sheets or not

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🌟 🌟 🌟

As an added bonus of bringing this tutorial into your library of delight, I will direct your attention to the ways in which some the yoga poses can help benefit you in a practical way in relation to some frequently enjoyed sex positions.

Being the creative, fun and wonderful human being that you are, you can play around with the positions and make them work for your own unique and beautiful body and that of your partner, if indeed you play with a partner.

(NB this practice is not limited to those in relationships, solo sex is just as beautiful and as valid).




Enjoy a standalone short tutorial which you can use daily to get yourself out of your head and limbered up in your beautiful body ready for some activity between the sheets.

This practice is short enough and designed for you to undertake in the privacy of a small space, like a bathroom, away from the eyes of a play partner, if that’s your choice.


Who will deliver this training & why should you trust me?

Lee-ann Cordingley

experienced registered yoga teacher (eRYT200 & RPYT), clinical sexologist, and sex coach in-training

In all of my work, I am empathetic, honest, and good-humoured - you’ll not find me shying away from anatomical terms or functions, nor from sexual terminology or discussion.

I never diminish anyone else’s perspective of what brings them pleasure.

If you happen to use Instagram, you’ll find handy hints, tips & tricks to gain a flavour of what it is like to work with me in my capacity as a yoga teacher and as a sex coach.

This workshop is not limited to people who like yoga; it is for anyone who might like to level-up their fun in the bedroom, whether partnered or solo.


More than 80% of the people I work with are repeat clients.

They tell me they enjoy and trust my

✨ expertise, professionalism & discretion
✨ authenticity & integrity
✨ empathy & kindness
✨ humour & vibrancy

Perhaps you will, too.

The investment?


for theΒ whole package of video tutorials

🌟 a one hour sequence of yoga poses designed with sensuality in mind

added bonuses

🌟 an in-depth look at specific yoga poses and how they can help with sex positions

🌟 you will also receive a bonus, class to help bring you into the mood ahead of the main event

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I want you to delight & take pleasure in your body

Two caucasian women dressed in white dressing gowns, sat in a bed of white smiling at each other with colourful fruit on plates on their laps
Mixed race male and female couple and a bed with their faces close together smiling under a pale grey duvet
A solo caucasian hand and arm gripping onto a white bedsheet

Because sexual pleasure is a basic human right

World Association of Sexual Health

Here's some more peace of mind before you join me


I’m a girl who likes openness and honesty.

There is a reciprocal arrangement of transparency and trust between us.


I always respect any information entrusted to me and exercise discretion around sensitive matters.


I’m also a girl who likes to do things properly

I dot my i’s and cross my t’s, so you can be assured that my qualifications are all up-to-date and refreshed with regular continued professional development (CPD), First Aid training, and I am fully insured.

I frequently update and publish my Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, my What to Expect page or see my FAQs as asked by real people.

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