The great benefits of yoga for the young at heart


I love how many people have responded to my question of

“What has yoga done for me?”

Yoga in Hucknall is for every body, regardless of age or ability

I think it’s quite incredible how many benefits there are to having a regular yoga practice and even more incredible that the benefits cited are so unique to every single person who shows up, week after week on their mat.

Mary is one dedicated yogini. There have not been many times during the last three years that she hasn’t been there with her lovely smile and wonderful ‘can do’ attitude. There really is no keeping a good woman down and she will try her hand at anything that’s offered - cycling and running as well as being a talented musician and hugely active member of local community projects.



A while back I overheard friends talking about a new Yoga class that had just started in Hucknall. I was intrigued because I was looking for something to replace a Tai Chi class that had recently stopped running. I was really missing Tai Chi and it’s benefits and wondered if Yoga would be a good replacement. I have to admit I was quite sceptical, I’d loved Tai Chi and couldn’t imagine anything would be as good. How wrong I was!

I absolutely love Yoga.

Lee-ann’s classes are so welcoming. I would encourage anyone to give it a go, we are all of different ages and different levels of fitness,

it really doesn’t matter what you bring to your mat.

One of the things I love the most is that I’ve never felt under pressure to be the perfect yogi. We all have good and bad days and Lee-ann always encourages us to listen to our own bodies and only do what’s feels right at the time. For each Yoga pose we are given a choice of different levels. Some sessions I do the harder pose and sometimes I do the easier one, it really is about what’s best for me on the day.

I have found many benefits of doing a regular Yoga class. I can arrive at class feeling tired and lethargic and the session invigorates me. If I’m feeling particularly stressed or something is on my mind the class gives me a space to just switch off from the constant mind chatter and I find that afterwards I can face the problem with more clarity. It helps me to put things into perspective and for me its a useful addition to my emotional coping mechanism.

At the end of each session there is a period of savasana. This is my favourite bit, we lie still for ten minutes and completely relax. It is so healing and I love it when Lee-ann says “There is nothing that you need to do right now”

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to just do nothing?
— Mary, Hucknall

Physically Yoga helps to keep me mobile. As I get older, as you’d expect, I can’t physically do the things that I used to.

Yoga can invigorate the senses, increase self esteem and promote a healthy body image

Yoga is a gentle exercise that helps to keep my joints supple and increases my core strength.

I was also advised to do Yoga to help prevent osteoporosis, win win win!!

The people in my class are very friendly and I have occasionally visited other classes and found the same thing. There is a sense of community, we are like minded people all together sharing the same benefits.

Finally, if you’re thinking of coming to a class don’t forget to bring your sense of humour with you. Don’t for one minute think that Yoga is a serious business. There have been times when I’ve just giggled my way through the session! They do say that laughter is the best medicine and having a good laugh certainly adds to the sense of well being that my Yoga session brings.



Dignified and warm-hearted Mary attests to the wide ranging benefits of her regular meditation practice and has been so happy to offer advice or her own experiences of the very brilliant Headspace app to other students in the class if they have ever asked about meditation.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about Mary’s experience of her yoga classes - if it’s prompted you to share your own experiences, do get in touch because I’d love to hear what you think.

A few minutes could change your whole day
— Headspace

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