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The Gift of Yoga for Christmas

fitness hatha yoga john godber centre relaxation yoga bestwood village yoga christmas yoga hucknall yoga nottingham Dec 12, 2017
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At this time of year, I feel pressure with product commercials, advertisements and even whilst walking through the cheese aisle in the supermarket. I'm not a daft person, I know it's not about the stuff but I get the Guilt anyway. Un-used or unwanted presents go on to make me feel wasteful because I know they end up sitting on a shelf somewhere until the day that we pass them on. As I am growing older, wiser hopefully, I'm understanding that it's not the shop-bought stuff that adds up to the marvellous memories. There's a reason that the Here and Now is called the present. When someone invests their time with a person or an activity, there is nothing more precious.

Gifting Guilt, Begone!

Give someone you love memories that last and the stuff that money really can't buy. You might have someone in your life who has trouble sleeping, has lower back problems, a stressful family situation, a demanding athletic routine or a stressful job. You may have already thought to yourself that you would love for them to find some peace.

In time for Christmas, I am offering gift vouchers for your loved ones to invest some time in themselves. With private tuition, I can cater for all ages and abilities, tailoring something very specific for the special person in your life.

You can also gift a mini-yogini or yogi with a yoga party for a fun, physical activity with your friends. This will incorporate elements of physical movement, techniques for relaxation, factual, educational information (ssh, don't tell them), all balanced out with appropriate amounts of silliness.

Please get in touch if you'd like any more information.