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It is so important to make sure your body is well-moved and well-rested.

With the pressure of home, work, parenting, and managing life in general, it can be hard to fit everything in.

According to philosopher Kate Manne, a large portion of us, mainly women, are affected by Human Giver syndrome, meaning we over-care for people from our own reserves.

If you do that, perhaps you can sometimes feel

😴 tired or lethargic

😫 achey

πŸ₯Ί stressed, anxious or worried

😢 socially disconnected


But what if you had instant, anytime-access to feeling

🌟 well-rested

🌟 energised

🌟 healthier & fitter

🌟 grateful & appreciative of your beautiful body

🌟 valued & important


Allow me to introduce…. 


Online Yoga Studio

Just Β£9.99 per month or Β£110 for the whole year

monthly subscription


There is a vast library of classes and meditations and activities that you can use to support you in your goals towards feeling like the best version of you.


Within the ever-growing library, you will see

Move & Flow - pre-recorded yoga classes of varying durations and themes

Sound & Still - audio practice like meditations, relaxations, chantings, and spoken word

Resources & Activities - downloadable activities for your lifestyle and wellbeing in deliberately short, punchy timeframes

Yoga isn’t just about what happens on the mat


Does it feels like a big commitment?

It’s not - it’s easy in, easy out (there's no contract)


I love the new routines and look forward to many more - I try to do 3 sessions each week and it's definitely helped - much more supple!


During a difficult period for us all over the last couple of years I have greatly benefited from the Elevate virtual studio. Yoga by zoom has kept me in the habit of a regular group practice and I love the many options available in the virtual library that I can use at a time to suit me.


I absolutely love the members area, it's great to go to at any time and as I have increased my cycling have been really taking advantage of the post-run section. It's brilliant and really gives me the stretch I need.

Why should you trust me?

Yoga and wellness is a very personal thing - I don’t take it lightly.

I’ve been a keen student of yoga and wellbeing for more than twenty years, as well as creating and running successful businesses. I’ve amassed a vast experience of different elements of yoga, not just the physical poses that look pretty on Instagram pictures. 

I regularly return to my books for personal study because I’m a self-confessed anatomy geek and I love to learn.

Along with various professional development courses, I am an experienced registered yoga teacher ERYT200 and RPYT which means I am qualified to teach adults and qualified to teach and support pregnant and post-natal ladies with their very specific needs. As a qualified children’s yoga teacher, I’ve taught hundreds of children, teens, and young adults in school, college, and university settings and 

I bring this fun into ALL of my groups in a relaxed and light-hearted way.

My style of teaching is relaxed, inclusive, and totally non-judgemental - as a great bonus for you, you’ll often find me on places like Facebook or Instagram because I want people to get to know me and trust that I can help them with their yoga goals.

Current membership packages

Here's some more peace of mind before you subscribe

I’m a girl who likes openness and honesty.

There is a reciprocal arrangement of transparency and trust between us so I want you to know there are no contracts involved with my membership plans - you are free to upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time you like.

Of course, I’d rather you didn’t cancel - but if you need a pause, you can return whenever you like to my virtual open arms.

(If you do decide to cancel, I would so greatly appreciate your honest feedback so I can continue to develop myself and my offerings - ta muchly!!!)

With pre-recorded classes, I cannot see your movement so you commit to practicing with personal responsibility for your own body. It is expected that you will always only move within your own comfort level - there’s never any need to contort yourself or put yourself into shapes that do not feel nice.

It is also a requirement that you complete an online Health Declaration, which should be regularly updated.


A great many people come to yoga as a means to help them deal with emotional or mental wellbeing concerns like anxiety or depression, so for your comfort, you should know that I am also a Mental Health First Aider.

I always respect any information entrusted to me and exercise discretion around sensitive matters. 


I’m also a girl who likes to do things properly

I dot my i’s and cross my t’s, so you can be assured that my qualifications are all up-to-date and refreshed with regular continued professional development (CPD), First Aid training, and I am fully insured.

I frequently update and publish my Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, my What to Expect page or scroll down to check out my membership FAQs as asked by real people.

Current membership packages