What To Expect From Your Class

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Your practice is your own. The challenge is to remember that each body is built differently.

Leave your ego at the door.

Turn the attention to yourself.

Aim to not worry about what others are doing.

Complete your Health Declaration

What to expect in your yoga class

What To Wear

Clothes that allow for free movement are best; leggings, tracksuit bottoms, a vest or t-shirt.

We practice with bare feet to improve balance, and mobility of the joints of the feet, to reduce the risk of a slipping injury but also to experience a greater sense of connection with the earth. Socks are not recommended but if you have any health concerns with your feet, ensure you wear proper yoga socks with good grip.

Invest In Your Own Mat

Investing in your own mat is a great way to commit to bringing yoga into your life outside of lessons.

Your mat is your own space will have a beautiful familiarity wherever you roll it out.

It is good practice to keep your mat clean and if you use one of my mats, please wipe it down it afterwards with the antibacterial spray supplied at the studio.

Water To Sip

Staying hydrated is really important when you are undertaking any kind of physical exercise, chanting and breathing practices. Cool water can greatly aid your focus.

It's not a good idea to practice on a full stomach, but please make sure you aren't extremely hungry, either.


Arrive In Plenty Of Time

You'll need a couple of minutes to set out your mat, remove any socks or jumpers and settle yourself into the space.

A Quiet Start To Bring A Sense Of Focus

It’s great to see familiar faces and friends. Please keep chatter to a quiet minimum because some come to yoga to enjoy an element of quiet from their daily lives.

Mobile devices should be switched off or onto silent mode. Feel free to wait for the beginning of the class silently seated or laying on your back.

Props are there to assist & deepen your practice

There are a multitude of props such as belts, straps, blocks and blankets that you can use to support your body during a yoga practice.

Using props does not mean you’re not very good at it! They are to help you find comfort and ease and best alignment for your unique frame.

I can advise on these and can arrange good quality props for you to buy since it's best to have your own.

Ensure You Have Plenty Of Space

Read this blog How to get the most out of your online yoga if you are practising at home.

You don’t want to knock a glass vase on your head, a lit candle over nor do you want to take a tumble out of a balancing pose and hurt yourself on furniture that’s too close.

Respect And Listen To Your Body

If you have cause to take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), painkillers such as ibuprofen or aspirin, please do not practice. These medications will prevent you from feeling pain - it’s their job - which may cause you to stretch beyond your body's natural comfort. Injuries can and do happen and nobody wants that!


Introduction And A Focus For The Practice

Inform me of any injuries or issues that may affect your practice. Only you know your body; I do not know how your body feels.

Complete a health declaration before your first session with me and be sure to update it as necessary.

NB Early pregnancy, recent childbirth, miscarriage or fertility treatment should be divulged as the class could involve some physical movements that may not be appropriate at this time. You have my assurance of my utmost discretion and respect.

and remember...

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Health Declaration

Please complete before your first class with me and review periodically.

The information supplied is never shared, always respected and is used to help me support your practice