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Pregnancy Yoga

class schedule newsletter pregnancy yoga prenatal yoga relaxation wellness women's health women's yoga yoga shakti Apr 24, 2017

Pregnant ladies are welcome to join in my regular yoga sessions, but should first check with their midwife or health professional about the suitability for them. Some normal yoga poses may not be appropriate for you during a time of rapid body change.

Of course, during every yoga class, it is very important to be aware of your own body and during pregnancy, even more so because the hormone relaxin allows ligaments and connective tissues to stretch more than they normally would to prepare the pelvic area to soften and widen to allow Baby to be born. If you have enjoyed a regular yoga practice you might be as proud as punch to finally get your leg behind your neck (a huuuuuugely exaggerated example, but you get the picture) but relaxin can bypass your usual 'pain threshold' which would normally tell you to ease off if you're stretching too far. Consider your physical capabilities to be on a scale of 1 to 10 with your normal practice being a 10. Aim to take your pre-natal level to a 6 or a 7. Trust yourself that your body is already working so hard sustaining and growing this new life, you really can afford to ease off a bit. Any worries about weight gain can wait. Your health and safety and that of your unborn child are paramount.

Following my studies with Yoga London in 2017, I am fully qualified to lead specific sessions tailored specifically for pregnant women which may be far more suited to your physical needs at this time, and a prenatal yoga class is a perfect opportunity to connect with other Mums-to-be in your area to allow you to build a support network of new friends in a similar life situation.

Details of my sessions can be found on the Classes & Booking page of my website.