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Did you hear me on the radio?

relaxation teaching yoga Jul 09, 2020
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Sadness, low mood and grief affect everyone at different times in our lives and for different reasons and it is really easy to feel isolated and alone with it.

But I promise you, you’re not.

It’s also easy to feel like you’re going to feel like this forever.

But I promise you, you won’t.

Over recent years, I’ve had my own challenges to deal with and I wouldn’t even say I’m out of the woods with it yet, but there are lots of things I have been able to do to help myself, using yoga, mediation, talking therapy, good friends and family, love and support.

Writing has helped me enormously, both my private journalling practice and this public blog forum.

I believe that within every experience there is a lesson and if I can use some of my lessons to help even just one person, that makes me feel good about everything I do.


Following one blog post I wrote a while ago, The Handbook of Advice for the Newly Single, I had people stop me in the street that I didn’t know and countless messages from people to tell me they were also experiencing pain and grief over a separation and how helpful my advice in the blog had been for them. I’m not gonna lie, I thanked those people for reaching out to me and I had tears of both gratitude for them and for me.



I was invited some time ago to upload some of my meditations and relaxations to the BBC Upload programme and this week, one has been featured during a show where they were focussing on wellbeing. This time on the radio, I wasn’t there in person but had accepted the invitation to submit some of my guided relaxations to be featured on Arun Verma’s evening programme, hosted by Jodi Law.

This particular one was a short relaxation in relation to overcoming sadness, which can accompany a my blog post, How to deal with grief, loss and sadness.

Co-incidentally Simon Gunn from Jelly Fitness another wellbeing professional from Hucknall, was also featured on the same show talking about self-esteem - great stuff!

If you live in Nottingham, did you happen to hear the show?

If you missed it, you can listen below


I’m really grateful that you’ve taken the time to read this post and if you listened to the programme, I’d love to know what you thought. I hope it has offered some value for you.

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