This is who I am Oct 22, 2020
Sunrise yoga in Skegness

Since the studio reopening in September providing a space in which people can return to their yoga practice in a socially...

Women’s Awards; I've been shortlisted! Sep 12, 2020
SquareSpace | 2020.09.11 Me | Empowered Women Empower Women.png

You know what it’s like when you’re waiting for a bus?


You stand, seemingly idle; watching passing...

Take it to the mat? I'll take it ‘tinternet Mar 17, 2020
Offering Yoga online to help deal with the fallout of Coronavirus

With the outbreak of Covid-19, uncertainty, panic, and fear are rife - predominantly for our physical health and wellbeing...

New beginnings... Happy New Year! Jan 01, 2016

I wouldn't say I'm one for New Year's resolutions or anything so formal, but I love Mondays because they're an opportunity to start a brand new...