The Handbook of Positive Advice for the Newly Single

** WARNING - vulnerable post coming up **

Relationship breakups are hard. I always knew that until I had to actually live it.

My many years of practicing and teaching yoga affords me a healthy toolkit to regain my sense of self and rebuild my self esteem. In the beginning, I searched for ‘answers’ of how to deal with it and heal myself. I found lots of things that I take comfort in - one of the biggest things was yogic philosophy. Allow me to share the things that have been keeping me afloat.

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Why the hell did I cry in my yoga class??

Some students at my yoga classes in Nottingham have displayed, quite literally, mixed emotions at finding themselves crying during a yoga class. Of course, if it is a private yoga tuition session in Hucknall, the setting is completely different, but during a pregnancy yoga class or a group class of physical yoga, meditation or chanting, some people can feel shocked or even embarrassed.

As an experienced yoga teacher, I take my role very seriously and will always respond with kindness and discretion, read on to find what advice I offer my clients and why we sometimes cry during a yoga practice.

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